About Us

About the EGO Home concept


EGO TECH Limited is a 100% Romanian company started from the wish to bring the Smart Home concept in Romania through the EGO Home brand.

The story started from the wish to gather existing smart products and new, revolutionary ones, under the umbrella of a single app, the EGO Home app, which can be used to enable all products in the EGO Home portfolio.

EGO TECH Romania developed both their product’s design and the their functions and the production is assured by different suppliers from China. They follow all the quality standards imposed by the European Union.

Taking into consideration the fact that the communication between the EGO Home application and the installed devices is done through servers all around the world and because the suppliers need a common standard for communication, we are working in close partnership with Tuya Inc.

They are the largest IoT company in the world and offer us the software solution, the integrated WiFi microchip and the presence on the  Tuya servers all around the work.

At this moment EGO Home has in the portfolio devices such as switches, sockets (for inside and outside usage), thermostats, surveillance cameras and sensors.

Using these devices you can control the lights, the appliances, the systems using switches (like electric curtains or garage doors), the temperature in your house and also the surveillance system from one app, from anywhere around the world.

The EGO Home products need only your home’s WiFi connection. We tried to simplify as much as possible the installation and usage of our products and we have the following characteristics:

1.      No need for extra wires inside the walls (e.g. the KNX protocol);

2.      No need for extra transmission protocols (e.g. Zigbee);

3.      No need of a central unit/hub;

4.      No need of a different app for every product.

EGO Home places the accent on the simplicity of usage, on the quality of the products and on the safety of the data collected.

In the future, the EGO Home portfolio will grow to cover even more functions in your life.

The EGO Home concept is brought to you by EGO TECH Limited and it has a 100% Romanian investment.